Connecting to the Internet at SOMA One

The best way to get Internet access at SOMA One is by using our WIRED Ethernet ports. Every desk has 2 Category 6 data cables with modular data jacks. If you are in a office, they are located on the wall and labled with the location number and A or B.

Cable A is the cable that you will use for your phone.  If you bring an IP Phone or use an IP Phone that we provide, you can be assured that the A cable is fully ready with POE (power-over-ethernet) so that you do not have to use an AC power adaptor with your phone.  The POE switch is fully managed with QoS enabled for the best performance of your VoIP device.

Cable B is the cable that you will use for your computing device. All of the B cables have a BLUE ethernet cable resting on the desktop. Once you open and power your device, you should be plug-n-play ready for Internet access.  If the patch cable is not there, please ask a staff member for assistance.

All of the internal networking electronics support gigabyte speeds.  Our Zyxel firewall/router supports WAN throughput up to 500 megabytes, more than able enough our ISP bandwidth of 250 megabytes.

Wifi is always available at SOMA One.  The secure network name is MBO_SOMA1

Please see a staff member for the password. 

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