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As the state of the pandemic changes from day to day, our level of uncertainty remains largely the same. It seems as though many of our work-from-home situations may not be as temporary as we originally thought.
If you (and someone you know) are looking to get out of the house for a breath of fresh air, take a break from working in close quarters with a domestic partner, or reclaim your work-life balance, sign up together under a Partner Plan.

One Membership

One membership shared between any two people  domestic partners, business partners, coworkers or colleagues. Stay productive while you’re in the office, and enjoy the separation between your work and personal life that you’ve been missing.

One Time Pass

Your membership plan comes with a time pass detailing the maximum number of hours you can work in our space. Share one time pass with your partner and split the hours as you please. One key fob will be provided to each pair so you can access the space at any time.

One Price

A single membership plan means a single monthly fee – accommodating two people for the price of one. Work smarter and save money!

Call to Sign Up

Ask us about turning one of our price plans into a Partner Plan. Most, but not all of our current plans qualify. To view our plans online, click here.
To sign up, call (973)559-4252 weekdays between the hours of 9am and 5pm. You can also email our staff at
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